Hydro-Proof Industries, Inc.

American Hydrotech

50 years of proven performance in the field.

Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125®, the original rubberized asphalt membrane, has been entrusted for more than 50 years with keeping high profile structures across the country and around the globe watertight.  With more than two billion square feet of MM6125® installed on projects in over 36 countries, Hydrotech is recognized as the leader in the waterproofing industry.

American Hydrotech has developed a full range of thermal and moisture protection products, drainage system, The Ultimate Assembly® for plazas, deck and roof terraces, and the Planter Assembly for vegetated (green) roof applications.

LymTal International

LymTal provides innovative solutions utilizing the latest polymer technologies to create the highest quality products in the industry. To that end, all our Iso-Flex products are developed and manufactured in a controlled environments within our own USA-based facilities.

The Iso-Flex product line of traffic coatings, roof coatings, sealants, penetrating sealers and expansion joint systems provides a complete package of products for the protection of concrete structures.

Reef Industries

Plastic Film and Reinforced Polyethylene Laminate Manufacturer

A&A Melters
Quality Waterproofing Equipment and Crack Sealing Melters